“Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.”
Martin Scorsese

What is Cinema?

The production of movies as an art or industry. We bring together the artistic expression of movie making with the rigorous and disciplined methods used in industry (Hollywood), to deliver memorable experiences to audiences.

River City Studios follows our Seven Step Production Process for each project:



Simply put, do you want to make a movie, whether it’s a short or a feature? Don’t go it alone. Have professionals there alongside you. This is where your production gets kicked off and the early stages of scripting and planning begin.



This is the key planning phase and where we narrow down the requirements to get the job done for you. Vision and direction is defined. We scout locations, casting and crew for the project. Schedules and budgets are set with Line Producers/Managers and Production Managers. You are there every step of the way.



Constant communication between key departments for all parties is what this step takes. The planning for the daily shoot is set. Our primary goal is to keep to the schedule and budget, and this means constant oversight of the project for you.


Principal Photography

It’s sounds strange calling it “photography”, but that’s what it is. Moving pictures. When the Director says “action”, you’re off and running and it’s when the cast and crew are in full swing. In this phase you see actors, directors, crew and producers working hand-in-hand to get it all recorded. All of the earlier planning to this point is to make principal photography go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Detailed records are kept in order to stay on schedule and within your budget.



When principal photography ends, we strike (dismantle) the set and clear the location. We confirm that we have a full set of records for the shoot and everything is accounted for, so nothing is missed.



Simply put, this is editing. This can start when principal photography ends, but often is done concurrently as scenes are completed. This is where we review footage and assemble the movie for you to see how it sounds and looks. Departments such as effects, music and sound design also play a part. After post-production is complete the project is “locked” and gets delivered to you, the client.



After your project is completed, you may want distribution or exhibition of the movie. As a producer, this is how you make your money back given the considerable time and energy you devoted to the project.

We pride ourselves in and welcome multi-language productions. We’ve created productions in English, Spanish, Russian, Farsi, Arabic and more.


As a bonus, you get a fun experience, and you won’t forget working with us on your project.

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