“A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Experienced Event Management

Getting ready for your special event starts as a marathon and ends in a sprint. What does that mean? It means you think you have plenty of time to be ready, but in reality, without a team like River City Studios managing your special event, you’ll find yourself sprinting just to keep up; let alone being ready on time.

Smaller special events take four to six months of advance planning, while large events can take a year; sometimes more. River City Studios helps you with pre-planning, planning, location scouting, video, lighting and audio needs, technical direction and marketing of your special event.

You deserve to enjoy your event and not have to deal with the stress of planning, production and technical direction.

Give yourself a break. We’ll give you a hand with your special event.


As a bonus, you get a fun experience, and you won’t forget working with us on your event.

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We do work you will love ❤️

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Enjoying serving clients in Northern and Southern California, throughout The United States and Globally, we are an experienced and fun-loving production company delivering cinema, video, audio, events and marketing to you.

We are particularly good at collaborating with you to create something you will love.

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We do work
you will love

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