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Nalesh Chandra

Vice President, Director Marketing & Branding

Meet Nalesh Chandra

Nalesh Chandra is the Director of Marketing & Branding and Co-Founder of River City Studios. With over 20 years of marketing, advertising and operations experience as a professional leader from startup to corporate teams, he directs the marketing, productions and production operations at the studio.

Having worked on large-scale projects and with $40M+ budgets, he is a skilled coordinator of multi-disciplinary teams. A strategic thinker who sees the big picture, Mr. Chandra is a seasoned creative leader who brings business acumen, vision, financial & strategic planning, writing skills and production management know-how to each production and project.

Nalesh Chandra. Director Marketing & Branding


Nalesh has hands-on production experience as a Associate Producer, Production Coordinator and Production Assistant.

Mr. Chandra has degrees in Marketing and Management and graduated Magna Cum Laude from California State University, Sacramento. He balances his creative side with a love of technology and holds eight United States Patents in digital communications.

"Let's have some fun with it."

A native of the South Pacific island of Fiji, Mr. Chandra moved to California at a young age, and upon seeing feature films in large theaters, he was hooked on cinema. Fluent in English and conversant enough in Spanish and Hindi to get by, Nalesh often tells the teams he works with: “Let’s have some fun with it”.

Mr. Chandra will tell you he has a dream job, because, in addition to working behind the scenes in production, he secretly loves getting in front of the camera and an audience.

A constant helper, Nalesh plans to add an educational aspect to River City Studios in the future, where the production company will teach, coach and guide students in the science, art and business of production and marketing.

Enjoying serving clients in Northern and Southern California, throughout The United States and Globally, we are an experienced and fun-loving production company delivering cinema, video, audio, events and marketing to you.

We are particularly good at collaborating with you to create something you will love.

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