“Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.”

What kind of video do we do?

If it can be captured on camera, we can do a video for you. Video categories include: web, music videos, arts, travel, sports, promotional, commercials, demonstrations, trade show, training videos, events, seminars and fundraisers; just to name a few.

We connect your audience with your message, whether it’s your clients and customers or your employees, stakeholders and fans.


Following the River City Studios Seven Step Production Process, we are there for you from development to distribution. We take care of it for you including, development, pre-production, production, principal photography (video shoot), wrapping and post-production (editing).

Videos are created in a cinematic high quality style in high definition (HD) for web, television and cinema. We optimize your video for the delivery method you plan to use, and if you desire 4K UHD video, you can have that too.


As a bonus, you get a fun experience, and you won’t forget working with us on your project.

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We do work you will love ❤️

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Enjoying serving clients in Northern and Southern California, throughout The United States and Globally, we are an experienced and fun-loving production company delivering cinema, video, audio, events and marketing to you.

We are particularly good at collaborating with you to create something you will love.

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We do work
you will love

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